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We have multiple options for Instagram promotion between three pages.  




We use Tumblr to host our picture blog.   If you are being promoted on our main Instagram page you will also have a post on our Tumblr!  




Each post we make to our Instagram pages gets pinned to one of our Pinterest boards to help bring traffic back to Instagram.




Quick and Easy chances for promotion on our Facebook just by participating!   


Disclaimer: In no way are we affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, or Youtube


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Monthly Contest


 Each month our contest gives artists more opportunity for promotion on an ongoing basis!

  Our monthly contest gives you a way to stay involved month after month!

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  You can submit more than one piece of art for each contest to maximize your potential for being promoted!  

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Spend time each day promoting your art.   Being noticed can take time and effort.   What we offer can definitely help, but it's not the solution to your success.  If you are unsure how to promote your art then you should definitely sign up!   You can easily learn with all the free and premium resources available. We offer plenty to help get you started!  

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